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i forgot how AWFUL I AM at designing houses especially in sims 2 frick resettinngnggg i just wanna play the game to get used to all the new features before i spend all day designing a living room


I was supposed to do this yesterday but I got so tired so I’m doing it today hello! Yes of course you are allowed to send as many prompts without spamming :)

Jean had always been a man who could keep his cool under most situations. By most, he meant ones that didn’t involve his annoying blond neighbor. That’s all beside the point, however, because though he was trying hard to keep his cool, the blond had nothing to do with it. No, it was more the disaster that was the upcoming winter festival; a pride of his that someone managed to screw up dearly. 

All Ralph could say was he wasn’t aiming for the snow sculpture, but he was totally aiming for the snow sculpture. 

The center piece was due in tomorrow, according to the co-ordinator who was just as panicked as Jean was irritated. After relaying the news and hearing the reaction, he just ended the call and decided to take matters into his own hands. Literally. The filter of his cigarette was almost crushed from the way he steeled his jaw, but still he wouldn’t explode— not yet. Maybe if he ran into a certain blond neighbor.

"Marde." he sighed, rolling up his sleeves and reworking the slushie mess of snow that Ralph left. How on earth could one puck manage to destroy an 8 foot statuette was beyond his bearings right now. Painstaking hours spent on perfecting every curvature ruined. He would call up the sculptor now, but devastation and a broken arm weren’t going to be of any help for it now. 

"Let me guess," a voice started. Jean turned his head to see another brunette with her arms crossed over her chest. "Cowboy target practice?" 

Jean sighed in response and Kate just nodded with her lips pressed in a thin line. She’s had plenty of mishaps with her brothers, familiar ones like the sight in front of her. Maybe if she kicked him off a mountain he’ll learn his lesson.

Jean was just starting from the base of the statuette, a floor length dress as envisioned by the original sculptor, with just a peep of pointy heels and a flash of leg, when Kate knelt down next to him and started to pile up the snow. She offered him a warm genuine smile, which was something people didn’t often see, but if anything Jean was glad that it was Kate of all people. 

She had a knack for these kinds of things, winning the competition title for her territory for many years now, even if she did need some stylistic advice every now and again. Aside from that, she could model out the body in less time than it took for Jean to get through the phone call with the co-ordinator.

Kate was just happy to help.

The sun’s faint light was just peaking behind the clouds by the time they were finished. Sure it had been cold, but they had been working for so long, they couldn’t feel it on their face anymore. 

Kate clapped her gloves together, mostly to clear off the snow, but also to declare its finished product. Jean stood beside her, eyeing the proud creation of a beautiful figure, dashed by a flowing cape and a dress fit for a queen. A top flowing locks sat a crown; the same crown that they painstakingly detailed to look perfect.

Kate looked at Jean and his bright smile, following his gaze.

She was taken aback.

"Wait, is that Celine Dion as Elsa from Frozen?"

Jean smiled sheepishly. “Laisser aller? 

lafranglophone said: i thought you meant hogwarts houses. I’m disapointed

by all means, brainstorm those too! (Alberta is either Gryffindor or Slytherin?) 

In complete seriousness, what are your house headcanons for each individual province and territory? (I mean they’re centuries old they can have multiple dwellings so brainstorm away)

*pops projectcanada sims in premade lots*

ok time for house makeovers

… *stares at ugly floorplan completely at a loss*

*suddenly researching chateau and victorian and loyalist style architecture on wikipedia???*

gomen—ne said: have fun in oc hell

believe it or not it hasn’t been updated for a long long time *phew* it’s still messy and disorganized but it’s not quite as bad as the main wiki, haha.

*skims everything I wrote* and I’m not as embarrassed by myself here either what madness…?

sam did you go through my entire iamp tag or something??? *stares in awe*

it occurred to me that cities aren’t even supposed to be on that wiki as they were never official characters- we had a separate cities wiki for them…

dare i go on the cities wiki


(( kind of redraw of this rly old new brunswick!! ))


Since the iammatthewian project has been reborn into Project Canada, I realized I haven’t drawn any of the characters since 2011.

So basically an excuse to try out line-less drawing for the first time.