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i’m sorry if banff is inaccurate i just had to draw them 

yukon busting down the door at 2 am (possibly after a few drinks): YVOONNN OF THE YUKON FROZEN BY ICY SEAS YVONNNNNNN OF THE YUKOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON deeeeeeeefrosted for you and for me *collapses on couch*


ancient egyptian uses for papyrus

  1. baskets
  2. mats
  3. sandals
  4. rope
  5. paper
  6. not card games apparently. let’s spend weeks at a time carving the duel monsters on man height stone tablets.
alright. i did everything and everything was ok….your link still doesnt work. (sorry. youre too nice. thank you)

ahhh that’s weird i don’t know why it’s not working for you. ;3; 

AHHH I figured it out i just linked to the page not the tutorial it’s fixed now!! I screwed up but it’s ok now ;u; sorry about that!!

hapo help. i download the Lame thing for Audacity and your link still doesnt work to me. it still says i need to download Lame.

Okay, so you’ve downloaded and installed it? There should be instructions on the link- once you’ve downloaded it, you have to open it up and install it. Once it’s installed, you’ve got to find the “lame_enc.dll" file. Audacity will ask you where it is when you try exporting something, so you’ve just got to find it on your computer when it asks. ;u;

I hope that helps? ;3; This video might help too! (It talks about how to install LAME about 2 minutes in) Or this video might be better actually


Hey there fabulous Project Canada peps! As a follow up to the characters soundtrack, here’s the 20 background soundtrack: here!

All thanks to:

Podington Bear

Bjorn & Gorden


Andrea Carri




when will your history ever 


Hey there, Project Canada fans!

We decided to make a nice playlist of 14 songs, which would be the official theme for all characters, including Canada!

All songs in this playlist belongs to the great Podington Bear!

Download here!

projectcanada VAs check out the forum for a little audacity tutorial and let me know if you have any issues ;u;