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come on cyrus the great get me that A 

it’s too bad i forgot my Cyrus the Great man-smell at home otherwise I would have ritually covered myself in it before the exam oh well he showed up secretly just as the divine Augustus descended from the heavens into my Art History 101 exam.

now as soon as quatsch is done she’s going to take me for foods ;w;




Alright Persephone, time with the hubbie is up get your ass out of the Underworld so we can have spring.


I’ve never seen a more accurate representation of current weather patterns in North America.

I updated my character profiles page with the Hellenistic Empires and some other odds and ends here and there (added a bit to many of the descriptions that I felt were lacking, a new character somewhere…) go check it out!

i’m not ready for this exam looking at the practice exam and it’s like

"true or false the neo-babylonian period came to an end when alexander the great defeated nebuchadnezzar ii"

me: hahaha wheeeze hahahaha this is so easy hahaha what a stupid sentence

"true or false the pharisees were more popular than the sadduccees"

me: -sweats-

"true or false Julius Caesar said a thing"

me: -sweats more-

basically any questions post ptolemaic empire i’m useless at

some test doodles of Seleucia.

the only things that I’m definitely going to keep: the hellenistic melon coiffure and her general body shape. The rest is still in the process of exploration. o:

I like the idea of Seleucia as a tall slightly chubby tough lady for some reason

Persia’s letting his hair grow out a bit during this period for some reason. He hasn’t stopped taking care of himself but Seleucia comes in and keeps messing up his natural order and rearranging his stuff and doing his clothes shopping for him and he doesn’t like it. 

Alexandria and Seleucia have an awkward relationship from what I gather. They’re like siblings or cousins- one minute they get along fine and one minute they’re at each other’s throats. 

they both like to pick on their younger brother Pergamon I imagine. 

cute married couple in the classical period with pots yeahhhh

i have an exam tomorrow do i care okay a little but i’m hungry now so enjoyyyy

every time I need to draw on a pot it’s always Theseus because it’s the #1 All-Athenian myth not that you can tell from my scribbles XD;

Attica is holding a hydria (for carrying water) and Athens is holding a storage amphora (for carrying oil probably)

Seleucia: hey you!
Judah: me?
Seleucia: yeah, you!
Judah: what?
Seleucia: are you bored? does your social life need a resurrection?
Judah: uh
Seleucia: tired of spending all your time in a musty old temple when you could be working on improving yourself in the fresh air?
Judah: er-
Seleucia: then why not join your local gymnasium? Wrestling in the nude is the chicest- Greekest- way to be a valuable and respected member of your community!
Judah: but-
Seleucia: self conscious about circumcision? we have ways to disguise that for you! Some more painful than others!
Judah: ehhhh-
Seleucia: try on this hat you look fab
Judah: actually yeah the hat looks pretty great
Seleucia: -winks and grins-
Seleucia: okay Greece don't worry I'll get Rome out of your face for you
Greece: ...why?
Seleucia: he's obviously bothering you so I'll just flex my muscles a bit and he'll leave
Greece: ...he's not bothering me...?
Seleucia: ...someone told me he was so obviously he is I don't think he's such a big deal but I will do this for you
Greece: whatever do what you want
Seleucia: yeah check these out -flexes arm-
Rome: what are you doing?
Seleucia: oh you know -flex- just reminding you that we're equals and you should consider turning around and going back home -pose-
Carthage: haha yeah do it hahaha
Seleucia: see before you beat him up Macedon sort of promised me I could hang out with Greece more *stretch*
Greece: what
Seleucia: so how about you take that half of the world and I'll take this half *flex*
Rome: hey is that Hannibal behind you
Seleucia: uh
Rome: wait did you just say Macedon that jerk who picked on me with Carthage
Greece: ... -jab-
Rome: and who also was a jerk to the lovely and talented Greece?
Seleucia: well
Rome: you asked for it
Seleucia: peaceful negotiation by a demonstration of *flex* arms?
Rome: no -punch-
Seleucia: owwwww
Rome: give me Asia Minor and your elephants and go home
Seleucia: ok ok
Rome: and pay me all your money forever
Seleucia: all the money but
Rome: did I stutter
Greece: wow you're so brave and harsh~ -strokes Rome's face
Rome: i've been having nightmares about Hannibal for years i'm scared out of my mind i think i'm going to pee myself
Rome: all Greeks are under my protection~ even the ones not in Greece
Alexandria: oh yes of course! Thank you!
Seleucia: what
Rome: all Greeks
Seleucia: no
Rome: all of them
Rome: all the Greeks
Alexandria: -nudge- -whisper- come on you're being embarrassing Seleucia he said all of them that means you too you speak greek i.e. you are greek suck it up
Seleucia: hahahahahahahahaha -whisper- no you should bother to read the fine print about protection
Assyria: yes totes got Palestine
Egypt: Palestine is mine!
Babylonia: No way! Give it back!
Persia: no actually Palestine is mine bye everyone
Judah: senpais you're all pretty
Alexander: HAHA PALESTINE IS MINE let's party
Macedon: #yolo
Alexander: oops drank too much X_X
Alexandria: Palestine is rightfully ours!
Seleucia: nope mine sorry
Judah: -single tear- i've been so important all this time please stop fighting over me everyone~
Everyone: who are you we just want the nice trees in Phoenicia you don't have anything worth mentioning
Judah: </3