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Oh dear Canada. Although I’m not surprised that Alberta has the most terrifying google searches sadly. but YUKON’S IS SO BORING AND CUTE I’M CRYING HAHAHA

all of them are hilarious

#jesus christ why everyone draws jean so manly and hot #and here i am drawing him looking like a poop #a big poop #also i love that drawing omg #kansdoajnfoasnfipoajfgdaognoasfn

this is the only drawing of him that looks manly and hot that i have made i draw jean like this normally

indeed like poop cries

Here is a smiling Jean! :D I always draw him grumpy I apologize OTL. This is actually my favourite drawing of him that I’ve done! :’D

It’s interesting how many people like #12! It’s probably the palette I would first choose as well. 

Happy super belated Matthew day! :’DD

So why did the original project stop and why is it being headed by different people?


Since we were not part of the old project, we don’t have any info for the reasons why the old project stopped except for what was told in the last video of the old channel.

And the reason why it is headed by different people is because we are the ones who had enough free time (which is probably the main reason why the project wasn’t brought back before) and determination to bring it back, after getting all the permission we need off course. In the end, it could have been anyone really, but it turned out to be us.

I hope this answer you question! (: 

I can try to shed a bit of light on this, but maybe some of the other cast and crew might have an idea. 

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I originally wrote this when the IAMP was struggling to find artists, so my words are directed at artists in particular. HOWEVER, I think the advice also applies to VAing and writing, so I’ll see if I can update/modify/amend this thing. I describe the IAMP’s process for making videos, but I cannot guarantee 100% that Project Canada will be exactly the same (to be honest I hope we will be better!) Here we go:

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Is anyone out there still trying to decide whether to audition as an artist for Project Canada? Please reply or like this post to let me know if you need a boost and want to post my ~MOTIVATIONAL SPEECH~ for artists thinking about joining the IAMP I wrote when we were struggling finding artists to fill our posts. I’ll dig it up!

thishereanakinguy said: How old is your cat? He looks an awful lot like our farm cat (from Cedar Rapids, Iowa), Xanatos, and his sisters. :P

We got him in 2003 and he might have already been a year old by then, so he’s about 11 or 12 now. 

fightingscholarlykrogan said:you have the exact same pet naming logic as i do and i respect you for it (even down to using persian emperors god bless)

I was about 5 when we got Xerk, it was my dad’s suggestion to name him after the king of Purrrrsia. xD;

My Greek professor has a whole bunch of rescued cats and they are all named after Hellenistic Empires (although they changed Antigonid to Antigone after they realize they misjudged her gender hahaha).


I love my cat. A lot. ;3; 

Here is Ptolemy. Much debate as to whether he is named after the philosopher or the pharaoh occurs in my family. I’m going with pharaoh because our previous cat was named Xerxes and the first cat we didn’t name after a king disappeared in the woods (well, we named him after food so…)

My cat was a rescued cat from the sewers of Cedar Rapids, Iowa and he;s very street/country smart. Like me he’s not incredibly people smart in that he cannot deal with strange humans or cats and prefers to avoid them entirely and hates conflict, but he is also quite manipulative and knows if he sits on you suddenly you become hyperaware of your bladder… meaning you have to get up and while you’re up there is a high chance you will feed him. 

Today my mum and I cleaned out the basement and the litterbox and like magic he appeared. As the feng shui book said your cat is a good indicator of flowing chi or whatever so good job us. 

is this real you're really reblogging my art i'm crying in happiness here i can't even type properly omg ;o;