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Please pick 1 post size.

If I don’t get to your request right away, it’s because I’m writing a paper on Caesar and studying for my Greek test. Don’t worry. XD;

The Colour Palette Challenge is still ongoing too, by the way.

The Rules

  • Send me a reply or an ask and I’ll draw you something silly
  • As usual nothing that is nsfw or something that would require a mature content filter on dA
  • Don’t expect it to come out like how you imagined it, it’s meant to be silly!
  • 3 requests per person. I’m only accepting 3 anonymous requests as well, so keep in mind that if you’re making an anon request more than once you might be taking another shy person’s chance (but don’t be shy anons I won’t judge you if you come off anon come on I have a fairly good chance of knowing who you might be anyway I mean uh)
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#wacky wednesday
  1. aphnorway said: draw assyria and babylon pls omfg pols
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