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I’m taking 20th century Art this year and even though I was worried it would all be angst and incomprehensible abstract (don’t get me wrong I still think it’s interesting and I am actually really looking forward to coming to an understanding with it) I was glad to learn about Matisse- a guy who didn’t give a damn about colour theory or academic style- he just wanted to paint scenes that made people happy and offered them an escape from the anxiety of modern life. I kind of want to adapt some of that into my paintings.

My reading for art history class was “Notes from a Painter” by Matisse about his work and I was really moved by his thoughts on colour. I’ve been mucking around with colour theory hoping it would magically improve my work but I think it’s time I loosened up and just chose colours based on my feelings for once.

So here’s Attica and Laconia in more modern clothes being bosom buddies or something? idk

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